7 Ways to Combat Cravings

how to not give in to cravings

Cravings…we all get them, but you don’t need to always give in to them.

Here are 7 ways to combat cravings so you can keep eating healthy.

1. Know your goal and be determined to reach it. Or, if you haven’t made a goal yet, set one. Keep it top of mind.

2. Find replacements and/or don’t let that food into your house. If you are craving chocolate, make this healthy chocolate dip or find a similar replacement. Instead of chips have perfect stove-top popcorn. Eat some fruit if you are craving something sweet.

3. Make sure you have healthy snacks around. This might mean doing more food prep, but having pre-cut veggies and hummus, protein bars, fruit and nuts around can help by giving you an option that’s easy, but good for you.

4. Eat more food. If you aren’t eating enough food at some point your body will start “screaming” at you to feed it. When this occurs we often turn to something easy and available, which often happens to be unhealthy… unless you have followed strategy #3.

5. Give in to the craving. BUT with a caveat: have a small portion. And don’t let yourself feel guilty. Personally I think depriving yourself from food only ends up in a binge fest. Let yourself enjoy the unhealthy snack but again, keep it small. Note, if you cannot keep it to a small portion size I do think it’s best to not have any at all.

6. Drink water. If you feel hungry, you might actually be thirsty. Try drinking water, waiting 15-20 min and if you still feel hungry, eat (something healthy)! Here are some ideas for flavoring water if you don’t like it plain.

7. Be aware of what’s going on. Are you eating because you are bored, upset, happy, anxious? Is there a certain time of day that you feel the cravings more? Try to determine if there is an emotional aspect to it or if you really are hungry.

I asked you guys on my Facebook page for strategies that you’ve used. Here’s what some of you said:

stop food cravings

What would you add?

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