How to Make Perfect Homemade Popcorn {recipe}

homemade popcorn

mmm who doesn’t love popcorn?! It’s a fun, finger food snack that everyone can enjoy, from child to grandparent.

It’s also a really healthy snack…except for when slathered in heavy oil or butter (or who knows what’s in that fake butter/oil at the movie theater).

Making homemade popcorn is super easy and also saves money! Double win!

You get to control the amount of oil you use and how much, if any, salt or other seasoning you add.


1 tsp grape seed oil (you can use olive oil, but with grape seed oil it’s amazing!! I’ve heard coconut oil is good too)
1/4 cup kernels
salt – optional, use desired amount

Note: a 1/4 cup kernels make 4 cups of popped popcorn, so use that as a guide and adjust your amounts accordingly.


1. Pour oil into a pot and add the kernels. Give the pot a little swoosh so all kernels have oil on them.

homemade popcorn

2. Cover the pot. You can use a lid, but I’ve found this tin foil method works really well. Just slice some holes with a knife to allow some air to escape. Put burner on medium temperature.

homemade popcorn

3. Wait a few minutes while your homemade popcorn is popping. Don’t go too far away! Once the kernels start popping it only takes a few minutes for all of them to pop. Remove the pot from heat once the popping stops or slows down to a few pops per second. Using this method means you won’t have any (or very many) leftover or burnt kernels.

4. Add salt or another seasoning and enjoy!

homemade popcorn

Nutrition Facts (for 1/4 cup kernels, unpopped): 110 calories, 4 g protein, 26 g carbs, 1 g fat.

YOUR TURN: What’s your favorite popcorn seasoning? Have you ever tried with nutritional yeast? It’s delicious! Share what you love in the comments.

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  • Heather

    I have a whirly pop and make mine with coconut oil. So good!!

    • FitHealthy365

      What’s a whirly pop?

      Yeah, we don’t have coconut oil but I’ve heard it’s super yummy

    • FitHealthy365

      What’s a whirly pop?

      Yeah, we don’t have coconut oil but I’ve heard it’s super yummy

      • Heather

        Its a way to make it on the stove.. crank type thing.. google it :)

        • FitHealthy365

          Oh nice!! Looks awesome! No leftovers kernels!

  • I’m curious about the grape seed oil that you are using. I’ve experimented with organic olive, coconut, and canola oils and have always been pretty pleased with the results. I recently posted a similar article with a few secret popcorn tricks: Feel free to check it out if you are curious. Also, thanks for the grape seed oil tip. I’ll have to try it out!

    • FitHealthy365


      I use the Ottavio brand from Costco. It’s super delicious! I’ve also heard coconut oil is really good too, but haven’t tried it. We definitely prefer grape seed oil to EVOO now that we’ve tasted the goodness. :)

      Cheers! Lydia

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