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  • True or false: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. #goals #goalsetting 4 hours ago

  • It’s almost the weekend. Don’t forget that it’s in your control to make choices that support or hurt your goals. #healthy 4 days ago

  • Life might push you down, but you don’t have to stay there. Get up and fight back! #motivation 1 week ago

  • The weekend is 29% of the whole week. Make choices on Sat and Sun that support your goals, not hinder them. #fitness #truth 2 weeks ago

  • Strapped for time? You can still get a great workout in just 15-30 min! Don’t let time be an excuse holding you back. #fitness 2 weeks ago

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  • Revive Your Forgotten Hopes & Dreams

    Did you have a dream once? You know, hopes and aspirations. Something you really wanted to do. A goal. What happened to that dream? Did you accomplish it or did it end up in a lost in a corner of your mind collecting dust? We all have hopes and dreams of...
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  • Healthy Low Sugar Peanut Butter Cookies {recipe}

    Peanut butter! YUM!! I don't know why but it's so tasty! Most people I know can't get enough of the stuff! It's definitely hard to limit how much you eat. I have to force myself to stop putting the spoon in for more. Turn peanut butter into a cookie and wham!! even...
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  • Life is Precious

    Sometimes it feels like we are invinsible. Like nothing bad can happen to us. Of course we see sad things happening in the world around us, but it's often easy to dismiss and convince ourselves that we are somehow protected from it. Sadly, life is precious. Life is fragile. Life can...
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  • How to Make Homemade Almond Milk {recipe}

    Do you drink almond milk? Have you ever thought about making your own? I didn't even consider making my own until I saw a few posts on Facebook. And for a while I put it off because I thought it was too complicated. Good news: it's SO EASY! And with just 1 cup...
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