The Exact Strategies and Tools for Healthy Living within a Busy Life

how to exercise and eat healthy when busy

Life can throw some pretty big curve balls, right? You’re cruising along thinking about how next week you’ll FINALLY have time to focus on your health and BLAM. Something changes that creates a wrinkle in your plans. Has this ever happened to you? And that doesn’t mean the curve ball is bad (sometimes it is), […]

How to Stay on the Fitness Wagon

and not feel overwhelmed

Did you jump into the New Year with an ambitious agenda to workout every single day and eat perfectly? And now you’re struggling to stay on top of it all? When thinking about improving your health and staying on the fitness wagon, do you often think of all the things you do “wrong” and need […]

One Simple Thing You Can Do TODAY to Improve Your Health

And it only takes 15 minutes

What if I told you there was ONE EASY thing you could do today (and every day) with just 15 minutes that would improve your health? Would you make time for it? Any guesses as to what it is? I’ll give you some hints… You can do it alone or with friends It can be […]

10 Minute Fat Blast Workout

quick fat blast workout

Is 10 minutes of exercise a day enough to make you feel better and have more energy? It sure is! I conducted a 2-week study where participants did 10 minutes of exercise a day at home and answered a short survey on how they felt about themselves and their energy level. What were the results? • […]

Set and Forget Slow Cooker Chili {recipe}

slow cooker chili

Autumn is upon us after what ended up being a lovely and warm September (at least in Ottawa). I’m a summer gal, but I know many love the coziness of this season, curling up in warm sweaters under a blanket eating comfort food. One thing I do love about this time of year is the […]

Easy Adult Lunches – Salad in a Jar and Mix & Match

healthy Adult lunch ideas

Many adults spend between $30-60 each week buying lunches. That ends up being over $1500 on the low end! With some simple prep in advance you can save money and eat healthier. In the video below I show some options for a healthy and delicious lunch that you can mix and match to suits your tastes, […]

Improve Your Golf Game with These 6 Exercises and Stretches

Lydia golf training tips

Flexibility is one of the most important factors in making a successful golfer. Stiff shoulders, tight hips, and stubborn hamstrings inhibit achieving the ideal swing. Lack of flexibility can also limit your distance off the tee. Power comes from strength but also flexibility since it allows you to use a full range of motion in […]

Simple Seafood Stir Fry {recipe}

easy seafood stirfry

Looking for a quick and easy meal that works for lunch or dinner? Try this simple seafood stir fry. You can make it with whatever vegetables you have on hand and no need to pre-thaw anything. It’s perfect for those days you come home and there’s nothing ready to eat and you forgot to take […]

Three Super Simple Salads {with Grocery List}

2015-07-13 19.23.36

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. A salad is a great, EASY way to get your protein and (lots of) veggies in! Here are three salad options for you with a grocery list so you have all the items you need to make them. Each salad below took me less than 10 minutes to […]

Demystifying the Personal Training Experience

coaching a personal training client

Personal training can seem daunting if you’ve never done it before. Many people assume it’s like on TV where the trainer is yelling at the client and making them do things they don’t want. While there are some “drill sergeant” style trainers, it’s generally not like that (and not with me). My Approach My approach […]

Do You Make These Exercise Mistakes? 4 Quick Fixes for Bad Form

coaching a personal training client

Gym time is precious so you want your exercises to be effective. As well, you want to make sure you are safely performing each exercise using proper form and technique. There are common mistakes people make when doing standard exercises. In the video below I demonstrate the mistakes and show you the proper way to […]

Homemade Low Sodium Chicken Bouillon Powder

homemade low sodium chicken bouillon powder

No one likes bland food. That’s why herbs and spices and things like bouillon cubes exist. But, have you looked at the sodium content in bouillon powders?! Yikes! Just 1/2 a tablet (950 mg of sodium) accounts for 40% of your daily value (and that’s calculated on a 2000 calorie diet). Health Canada recommends a sodium […]

I Want You to Skip Your Workout

jump rope workout

They aren’t just for elementary school kids; jump ropes are a powerful tool that can blast your body in a short amount of time. A bonus is that they are small, portable and inexpensive, so they’re easy to use at home or when travelling. They provide a great cardio workout you can do almost anywhere. Benefits […]

The 4 Worst Things to Do After Overeating

what to do after overeating

Yesterday I ate too much. The day started ok, with a typical breakfast and lunch. Mid-afternoon I was at a friend’s for a little gathering. I didn’t show up hungry but over the course of a few hours I nibbled on the chips, popcorn, hummus and crackers, bologna and fruit. I didn’t stuff my face […]