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Welcome to the Fit & Healthy 365 Community!! I’m so glad you’ve found us.

We believe in living a healthy lifestyle one day at a time. Sure, life gets messy and we don’t always do the “right” thing, but we get back on track and keep going.

We believe the keys to success lie in simplicity and consistency.

Healthy living means working out smarter, not longer.

Healthy living means eating fresh, delicious food without deprivation. 

Healthy living means taking time to relax and renew your mind and soul.

Is it time to make yourself a priority?

Lydia Di Francesco fitness headshotHi, I’m Coach Lydia Di Francesco and what makes me passionate about what I do is driven by a belief that you don’t need to – and shouldn’t – “just settle”.

> You shouldn’t settle for being tired all the time.
> You shouldn’t settle for not being comfortable in your body.
> You shouldn’t settle for feeling stressed and overwhelmed every.single.day.
> You shouldn’t settle for boring food and dieting.
** It doesn’t have to be that way! **

Sure, life is tough. It’s not all unicorns and fairy dust. We all have ups and downs (trust me).

But, you *can* feel better, you *can* be more healthy AND it doesn’t need to be complicated to get there. Fitness doesn’t need to be long or complicated. Nutrition doesn’t need to be complicated.

Life CAN be more simple.

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12 Days of Christmas Workout – Full Length Workout Video

Full Body

Lower Body and Core

Upper Body and Core