3 Simple Ways to Stop Being Too Busy

how to stop being too busy

BUSY vs PRIORITY…. is there a difference in using these words? I believe so.

Lately, I’ve stopped using the word busy. For a few reasons:

1) I’m done with “busy” (especially as a “badge of honor”). I don’t want to be busy. I want to be efficient and productive and achieve my major goals, but I want my life schedule to have enough room for rest and pleasurable activities. To me “busy” implies too full, overwhelm and likely chaos based on how many use the word.

2) People often use “busy” as an excuse for not doing certain things. However, I believe there’s always time for the things/people that are important to you. (It might mean saying no to other things…) So, let’s call a spade a spade. If you’re not doing that thing or making the time, it’s not important to you. And maybe that’s ok. But let’s start being honest about it.

I’ve switched from a “busy” mindset to a “priority” mindset. When things or opportunities come up I don’t view myself as too busy to do it, but rather ask myself ‘where does it fit in my priority list?’. Perhaps it’s something I need to prioritize this week or maybe it can wait until the following week. OR, maybe it’s not a priority at all and I don’t do it. 

Another word you can use is “full”. As in “my schedule is full this week, but l have some availability next week”. YOU are in control of what full looks like for you.

Some simple guidelines to stop being too busy

1) Shift your mindset part 1

Your life/schedule does NOT need to be full. In fact, that’s not healthy. You need down time, YOU-time, play time, rest time. You can’t adequate serve or help others (including at your job) without taking care of yourself FIRST. And that means having open time in your schedule so you have a chance to breathe and just be.

2) Shift your mindset part 2

As I mentioned above, switch your mindset from “busy” to “priority”. What are your priorities? Spend your time on those things. If you aren’t currently making time for your priorities, either they aren’t actually a priority or you need to do #3 below.

3) Saying no means saying yes

Likely to create some bandwidth and you-time, you need to start saying no to certain things (or gently remove yourself from current commitments). But, by saying no to those things, you are saying YES to you and what’s important to you, which is more healthy and results in better quality of life and happiness. 

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS? Do you agree/disagree with my view of busy vs priority? Will you start using “priority” more in how you think?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Coach Lydia 

Lydia Di Francesco is the Founder of Fit & Healthy 365 and Creator of the 15 Minute Workout Club, an online workout membership site. As a Certified Personal Trainer, Lydia educates clients and the public that healthy living doesn’t need to be complicated. She promotes simple, fun, exercise, self-care, and creating a healthy mindset with a long-term approach to wellness.

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