You’re Not Stuck! Choose Your Own Life Adventure

Do you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books? If you don’t, they were a series of books where after a few of pages of reading, the reader faces two or three options, each of which leads to more options, and then to one of many endings. The reader plays an active role in the outcome of the story.

I believe life is somewhat like a choose your own adventure story. You have the ability to create a path for yourself that is different than the one you’re currently on.

{I recently made a life change, so be sure to read all the way down for some exciting news}

You’re not stuck

One of the saddest things I hear from friends or personal training clients is that they feel stuck in their job, in a personal situation or with their current health status. They feel trapped, bound and unclear of another way. Maybe you’ve felt this way?

Here’s the thing. You aren’t trapped. You have options!

stuck in a rut you have Choices

No matter what, there are always options.

Choosing Your Own Life Adventure

The first thing you need to do is actually believe what you just read: “I have options”. There can be another way. Let that soak in for a second.

Next, evaluate your situation. What do you like/dislike about it? What aspects are aligned/not aligned with your goals? (More on goals in a sec) Basically, consider and determine what needs to be changed.

For example, if you are unhappy with your job is it because of the actual career/job itself or is it your environment (employer, colleagues, work location, etc)? There’s a big difference and you want to make sure you’re changing the right thing.

While you’re in the evaluation process, contemplate your goals. And please, don’t sell yourself short! Allow yourself to dream big and don’t get sucked into what you “think you should do”, as in, what’s the most logical or socially acceptable thing. Meaning, just because you have a degree in X doesn’t mean you must have a job in Y or just because you’re overweight now doesn’t mean you can’t participate or compete in a race/sport.

Spend some time really thinking about what you desire. What are your passions? Even though it might seem scary, give yourself permission to dig deep and don’t hold back.

Once you’ve determined what needs to change, establish a course of action. Personally, I am strategic and methodical in how I make change. I’ve made several job changes but because I took my time and set things up in a slower manner there was generally little/no disruption to my life/income. Think of it as steering a boat where you slowly move the rudder and change direction.

[note: If you are in an abusive/unsafe work or personal environment, get out as fast as you can!]

Looking at the job example, some action items could be looking for another employer, taking a course part-time to get educated in a new field, or going into business for yourself. On the fitness side, change your nutrition, hire a personal trainer/coach (hi there!), start being more active by walking more.

Follow through on your course of action. There may come a time when you need to make a “dramatic” switch but if you’ve set things up in advance it shouldn’t be too disruptive.

To recap: believe change is possible, evaluate situation, determine goals, create action items, act.

Exciting Update

I followed the advice I gave you above and am so excited to announce I am going into business for myself full time!!

I’ve been currently doing part time online fitness and nutrition coaching (which I want to grow) and working full time for an employer as a personal trainer.

I will now be 100% on my own as a personal trainer, growing that aspect of my business along with the online side of Fit and Healthy 365.

I provide private personal training downtown Ottawa at a studio located at 101A Main St.

If you, or someone you know, is looking for assistance transforming your body and creating a healthy lifestyle for the long-term, get in touch! We can work together in person or online.

Now go and dream big! You are worth an extraordinary life!

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Lydia Di Francesco is the Founder of Fit & Healthy 365 and Creator of the 15 Minute Workout Club, an online workout membership site. As a Certified Personal Trainer, Lydia educates clients and the public that healthy living doesn’t need to be complicated. She promotes simple, fun, exercise, self-care, and creating a healthy mindset with a long-term approach to wellness.

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