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They aren’t just for elementary school kids; jump ropes are a powerful tool that can blast your body in a short amount of time. A bonus is that they are small, portable and inexpensive, so they’re easy to use at home or when travelling. They provide a great cardio workout you can do almost anywhere. Benefits of jumping rope include better cardio endurance, balance, agility and coordination.

To check that your rope is the right size, hold the rope under one foot; the handles should just reach your armpits. When jumping, hold hands at 10 and 2 o’clock and at waist height. Revolve the rope from the wrists, not the shoulders.

Click below to watch my segment on CTV Ottawa Morning Live where I demonstrate 5 jump rope exercises.

5 Jump Rope Exercises:

1. Two Foot Jumps: Jump up and down, both feet at the same time.

2. Alternating High Knee Jumps: Jump brining one knee up at a time, lifting knee to hip height.

3. Single Leg Jumps: Jump repeatedly on either the right or the left leg.

4. Backwards Jumps: Turn the rope backwards, jumping right before it hits the back of your feet. (Note: these are NOT easy. It will take practice, so don’t let yourself get frustrated. Keeping working at it until you get it.)

5.  Side-to-Side Jumps: Hop from side to side, alternating legs.

7-Minute Circuit

1 minute of each jump rope exercise with 30 seconds of squats and pushups in between. Alternate the squats and pushups. Rest 1-2 minutes and repeat.

Two Foot Jumps – 1 min
Air Squats – 30 sec
Alternating High Knee Jumps – 1 min
Push ups – 30 sec
Single Leg Jumps – 1 min
Air Squats – 30 sec
Backwards Jumps – 1 min
Push ups – 30 sec
Side-to-Side Jumps – 1 min

Give it a try, have fun, and let me know how it goes!

Lydia Di Francesco, Personal Trainer

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