6 Weeks to Hassle-Free Healthy Eating

Eat Better. Stress Less.

No more stressing about how to eat healthy and worrying about what to make for dinner!

In my 6 Weeks to Hassle-Free Healthy Eating online course you’ll learn tricks and tools to help you reduce meal planning stress, save you time and money, and allow you to eat healthier without too much thinking. Does that sound like something you’d like to achieve?

Imagine a week where:

* You don’t have to think about what to make for dinner

* You’ve got healthy food pre-made for lunches and snacks

* You’re not spending hours a day in the kitchen

* You’ve saved money at the grocery store and aren’t throwing away food at the end of the week

* You have more energy and you feel better

* You’ve eaten well without counting calories or depriving yourself

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Here’s What You’ll Get from the 6 Weeks to Hassle-Free Healthy Eating Course:

6 Training Modules delivered by video (downloadable .MP4) and audio (downloadable .MP3) that you can listen to on your time, anywhere. ($1200 value)

Downloadable practical worksheets to help guide you through the training along with all the checklists and templates you need to make save time and money and reduce stress. ($400 value)

My best tips, tricks, tools and templates; secrets I haven’t shared anywhere. (Priceless)

Practical homework that doesn’t take long but gets you organizing, planning and actually doing.

Lifetime access to the material.

That’s not all. You’ll also get these special bonus items when you sign up TODAY!

quick guide to healthy food choices

The Quick Guide to Healthy Food Choices ($29 value) is a downloadable 1-page guide that’s perfect to hang inside your cupboard door for easy reminders about what food to choose and what food to avoid.

slow cooker meals recipe e-book

The Slow Cooker Recipe E-Book ($49 value) contains delicious, healthy and time-saving meals (meat and vegetarian options included).


Altogether, this course is worth over $1600. But, I’m not going to charge you the full value. The online course format allows me to teach you this material in a way that’s affordable for you.

Your Investment: ONLY $149

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What You’ll Learn

This isn’t a theoretical nutrition course where you’ll learn all intricacies about macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, digestive process and so on.

This is a PRACTICAL course that will make your life EASIER.

I’ve organized the modules so they flow from one to another and you build on the work you did the week before.

nutrition 101

* Macronutrients, what are they, do they matter?
* Tips for drinking more water
* Portion sizes and label reading
* Myth-busting common “facts”

pantry basics

* Checklist: Pantry Essentials
* What do have in your Pantry
* Best way to organize your Pantry
* Substitution ideas when something is missing for a recipe

meal planning

Template: 1-Month Meal Plan (duplicable)
* Learn a system to planning meals that’s easily duplicable from month to month
* Step-by-step guide to creating a 1-month meal plan you and your family will love…without being bored

grocery shopping

Template: Grocery List (re-usable)
* Secrets to saving money at the grocery store (without needing to be a coupon queen)
* Strategies for getting in and out of store in 20 min…unless you go to Costco on a Saturday ;)
* Write an actual grocery list based on pantry needs(Module 2) and meal plan (Module 3)

meal prep

* Tricks for scheduling meal prep time
* Learn my system for preparing large quantities of food in a short time
* Put it into practice using items from your grocery shop (Module 4)

lunch and snacks

* My top grab-and-go snacks
* What food to keep at the office
* Healthy lunch ideas you can prep in 5 minutes (thanks to Module 5)
Learn to keep it simple yet flexible

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The 6 Weeks to Hassle-Free Healthy Eating Course is not for everyone

I want you to succeed. I want you to learn how easy it can be to eat healthy and not make it overly complicated. That is my #1 goal. However, this course may or may not be right for you.

Take this course if…

You are tired of the stress and struggle to come up with meal ideas on a daily basis

You are ready to put in a little bit of work to learn some tried-and-true systems that can make grocery shopping, meal planning and meal prep easier and save time and money.

You want to learn ways to keep healthy eating an on-going lifestyle, not just a “30-day” thing

You want the flexibility of choosing food you actually like to eat instead of following someone else’s meal plan

You want more energy and to feel better

6 Weeks to Hassle-Free Healthy Eating isn’t for you if…

* You want someone to do it for you (there are many pre-set meal plans out there, just google for one)

* You’ve got a million and one excuses why it won’t work for you

* You aren’t open to change and implementing a new way of doing things

Are you ready to eat better and stress less?

Here’s a recap of what’s in the 6 Weeks to Hassle-Free Healthy Eating Course:

6 Training Modules 

Downloadable practical worksheets  with checklists and templates

My best tips, tricks, tools and templates

Practical homework that gets you organizing, planning and actually doing

Lifetime access to the material


BONUS 1: Quick Guide to Healthy Food Choices

BONUS 2: Slow Cooker Recipe E-Book

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Your course starts as soon as you sign up. 

See you in class!

Lydia Di Francesco, Personal Trainer