Cooking Methods Cheat Sheet

Pan fry, sauté, sweat… Do you know the difference? If you do, good on ya! If not, then you’re like me, and will find the cheat sheet below super useful!

I often find myself wondering how exactly I’m supposed to cook something. There are so many different ways to cook food that require different temperatures, items (pot, pan, double boiler…), using water, oil, nothing, etc. It can be overwhelming to say the least.

Thankfully, Chasing Delicious has created Kitchen 101: Cooking Methods. The poster outlines method, equipment, temperature, cooking duration, and ways to use that type of cooking.

In addition to the poster, the site gives more detailed explanation of each method. If there’s one or two you aren’t sure about, check it out!

What’s your favorite way to cook? I like steaming my vegetables. Quick, easy and keeps the nutrients. Share yours in the comments!

different ways to cook

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