How to Stay Motivated to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Do you take time to regularly celebrate and acknowledge your achievements in health and fitness? I’m not talking about the BIG things, like beating your time goal in a 5k race or sticking to your meal plan for a month (although you should certainly celebrate those!) I’m talking about the little things. Acknowledge Success and Progress […]

Forget Resolutions…Do This Instead

what to do instead of making a new years resolution

“New Years Resolutions are where goals go to die.” That might sound extreme, but that’s exactly the problem with resolutions… they are too extreme. They usually follow along the all-or-nothing model of thinking where you resolve to DO something or NOT do something every.again.  The problem? It’s not sustainable.  Unfortunately, while good-intentioned, you’re setting […]

The #1 Mistake That Causes Yo-Yo Exercising

how to stop yo-yo exercising

You’ve heard of yo-yo dieting, but what about yo-yo exercising? I’m referring to the cycle of jumping on and off the proverbial fitness wagon. Does this sound familiar? You decide it’s finally time to start exercising. You’re super excited to get started so you jump right in, feet first, with big plans of success. Things […]

The Real Reason You Aren’t Getting Fit and Healthy

Stop waiting for "the right time"


Are you constantly struggling to get healthy, exercise, eat better, etc? Do you feel like you just don’t have the time to focus on yourself and your health? You’re not alone. And you’re not alone in one of the biggest reasons WHY you are struggling. Ready for this #truthbomb? You’re waiting for the perfect moment […]

Foam Rolling 101: What, Why, How PLUS Do’s & Don’ts

best way to foam roll

Are you using a foam roller after your workouts? Perhaps you should be! Foam rolling is like self-massage and can help reduce muscle soreness, increase blood circulation and improve flexibility. In the video below I interview my friend Cindie Helmer, RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) and Owner of Essential Health Massage Therapy based in Ottawa, Ontario. […]

Pokemon Go…and 4 Wacky Ways to Walk More

Have you tried Pokemon Go yet? It’s the latest health craze! Well, not exactly, but it almost seems that way with the amount of walking people are now doing to play this game. It’s welcome news from a society typically living a sedentary lifestyle. Did you know walking is one of the best forms exercise […]

4 Life Lessons from My Week of Retirement

I spent a week being retired and I loved it! To get away from the cold, dreary winter I spent a week living with relatives in their retirement community in Florida. These guys are busy and aren’t your stereotypical “old people”. In fact, I was the only one knitting! Although I was living in a […]

The Exact Strategies and Tools for Healthy Living within a Busy Life

how to exercise and eat healthy when busy

Life can throw some pretty big curve balls, right? You’re cruising along thinking about how next week you’ll FINALLY have time to focus on your health and BLAM. Something changes that creates a wrinkle in your plans. Has this ever happened to you? And that doesn’t mean the curve ball is bad (sometimes it is), […]

One Simple Thing You Can Do TODAY to Improve Your Health

And it only takes 15 minutes

What if I told you there was ONE EASY thing you could do today (and every day) with just 15 minutes that would improve your health? Would you make time for it? Any guesses as to what it is? I’ll give you some hints… You can do it alone or with friends It can be […]

The 4 Worst Things to Do After Overeating

what to do after overeating

Yesterday I ate too much. The day started ok, with a typical breakfast and lunch. Mid-afternoon I was at a friend’s for a little gathering. I didn’t show up hungry but over the course of a few hours I nibbled on the chips, popcorn, hummus and crackers, bologna and fruit. I didn’t stuff my face […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Throw Out Your Scale

I’d like to introduce you to Heather, one of my online clients. Heather’s progress in the few months we’ve been working together provides the perfect example of why you should throw out your scale! Heather came to me wanting to lose body fat, increase muscle definition and generally feel better and have more energy. She […]

The One Way to Stop Feeling Unhappy about Your Body

you versus you

Have you ever found yourself comparing your body and progress to someone else’s? I sure have! (Yes, I’m in good shape, but that doesn’t mean I’m immune to having comparing thoughts) A lot of social media these days is full of almost naked women and men showing off their amazing bodies. It can sometimes be overwhelming […]

4 Habits to Get the Spring Back in Your Step

Spring is a time of renewal. There’s a fresh feeling of newness in the air as many us get out of hibernation mode. A common complaint I hear from clients and friends during this transition from Winter to Spring is a lack of energy. People still feel sluggish and tired from the long, dark Winter […]

Are You Addicted to Being Busy?

how to exercise and eat healthy when busy

Busy-ness. It’s become like a badge of honor or (oddly) something people boast about. The almost default answer to “How are you?” seems to be a variation of “I’m really busy”. At times a conversation turns into a contest about who is the most busy. Often said in a humble-brag kind of way. Sometimes I […]