Book-Lover Workout: Read AND Exercise at the Same Time!

book-lover workout

Now you don’t have to choose between reading a good book at home or getting a workout… do the Book-Lover Workout!

These exercises are specifically designed to allow you to read while working all the muscles in your body. It’s #winwin :)

Watch the video below for demonstrations and explanations of how to do the exercises.

Wall Sit-N-Read or Squat-N-Read

How it works: Assume the sitting position on a wall of your choice or get into a squat position. Hold this pose until you finish two pages. 

Page-Turner Push-Ups

How it works: Place an open book on the floor. Complete as many push-ups as you can while reading. 

Literary Lunges

How it works: Get in a lunge position. Hold the pose and read two pages. Switch legs and read two more.

Page Planks

How it works: Assume the plank position with your book under you. Hold your plank until you’ve successfully finished an entire chapter or two (if they are short chapters).

Chapter Curl and Press

How it works: Using two books, curl them up and then press to the ceiling. Repeat until you’ve completed the number of chapters in one of the books.

Reading Marathon Leg Raises

How it works: Lying on your back, move your legs up and down. Repeat until you can’t lift your legs anymore.

Fitness can be fun and there are so many ways to incorporate it into your life.

Lydia Di Francesco, Personal Trainer

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